Design your work around your life, not the other way around.

Research shows that female attorneys are increasingly frustrated, overwhelmed, and burned out. As attorneys, we advocate for everyone around us but are often uncomfortable advocating for ourselves. 

Legally Blissed® provides the 'how' to transform female attorneys into self-advocates, helping you identify what brings you success and supporting you as you do more of that. 

Find your purpose and direction, and take confident, calm, and deliberate action. We're here to help. 

“25% of women lawyers said they were considering leaving the legal profession because of mental health issues, burnout or stress. That is a crisis-level number.” -Reuters, 2021

The data is clear. Women aren't okay with the state of things in the legal industry, and they want out - out of the office, out of a broken system, and sometimes out of the field altogether. Our mission is to be a safe, smart, and productive space for women struggling in the legal industry. We've built a platform that facilitates sharing, support, and resources for women who find themselves questioning things inside (and outside) their law careers.

Have you asked yourself, "Do I stay and compromise my health and mental wellness?" "Do I go to another firm?" "Do I start my own practice?" "Do I leave the industry?" "Do I start a business?" "Do I build a platform?" "Do I become a resource?" "Can I do all of the above?!"

The answer is YES! Yes, you can. Join Suzi and our mentor-led community of female attorneys navigating this multifaceted career journey. We all have a story, and your story matters. 

Ready for a change?

“Women aren't leaving their firms to go to another firm or to another role in the legal industry. A number of them left the industry completely.” -JD Supra, 2022

Having Suzi's support while I work toward my goal has been so helpful. It feels great to have someone in my corner who is committed to helping me achieve my goal. I feel so supported in every way, and it’s helping me achieve my goal way faster than if I had gone at it alone. Plus she's literally taking me through all the steps I need to get to my goal. 


"An amazing coach!"


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are women


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The Legally Blissed  Community



 The exclusive mentor-led platform transforming female attorneys into self-advocates.

In this thoughtfully curated space you'll:

  • Learn to challenge ingrained beliefs about how you practice law 

  • Deprogram what you were taught about how you should show up a a lawyer

  • Cut the learning curve to self-advocating by setting boundaries, prioritizing values over goals, and mind management

  • Increase access to opportunities and collaboration

  • Define on your own terms what is possible, rather than relying on outdated handed down ideas

  • Embrace your power, rather than shying away from it

Coaching is a partnership in a creative process to inspire and maximize your potential. Suzi and a curated group of community mentors believe that you are the expert in your own life and that with professional guidance, you can generate your own solutions.

Consulting sessions provide strategic advice, guidance, and expertise in the legal field. Suzi works with you to diagnose problems and provide solutions for your business.

The Legally Blissed® Community was designed to help you take a proactive approach to your law practice and business ventures.

With a strong belief that smart, ambitious women like you should not have to struggle to succeed at your work, Suzi developed a proprietary system to guide you along the path of designing your work... on your terms.

Are you ready to find peace in your practice or find direction for your next move?

Coaching + Consulting

Education + Resources

This community is for female attorneys who crave connection with like-minded women. You'll come for the business building resources but you'll stay for the strong network, sisterly support and undeniable bonds. No country club or cigar bar membership needed!

Networking + Support

Once inside, you'll have access to:

We are the exclusive mentor-led platform supporting female attorneys who are curious, and ready to create a different experience.

Ready for a change?

Being coached by Suzi has helped me make positive changes in my life! I was afraid of what others might think and worrying about if I was making the wise decision. She helped me work through my thoughts and emotions in such a loving way so that I could move forward. Our coaching sessions have stuck with me and I continue to benefit from them.

— Christine

"positive changes in my life"

A conversational podcast that reclaims and rewrites the stories female attorneys have been told about how we should practice law, grow our business, treat our clients, treat ourselves, dress at the office, balance our families with work, and craft our identities in business.

We'll hear inspiring stores from current and former attorneys on how they've proactively chosen to do career, and life, differently. The ones who question the stories they've been told. The ones who aren't afraid to live boldly and step into their own power, and write her own story on her terms. The movers and the shakers.

We've officially launched the Legally Blissed® podcast!


                                                        have defined                         on their terms
and have thrown out what society, or                                had prescribed for them. 

These women


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Suzi is an ambitious, goal-driven coach. She simplified my core challenges with work and my personal life so I didn’t get overwhelmed. Suzi’s helped me become more productive by releasing the self-pressure that slowed me down. I’d work with Suzi again in a heartbeat!

— sommer

"ambitious, goal-driven coach"

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Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you. 

— Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Suzi Hixon, Esq. is the founder and CEO of Legally Blissed™. She has practiced trademark law for nearly two decades in corporate firms and in her own boutique practice.

Lawyer. Life Coach. 
Executive Consultant.

#meet Suzi

Suzi draws on her extensive legal experience, as well as her certification with The Life Coach School and hundreds of hours in training as a professional coach, to help attorneys boost their self-confidence, cultivate and reach their goals, and manage and grow their own practices. She is passionate about helping burned-out attorneys redesign their own law practice on their terms, whether it’s within big law, or in a solo practice, for greater fulfillment. Suzi has privately coached dozens of attorneys as well as other industry professionals, business executives, and entrepreneurs.

"After spending decades in the legal profession myself, experiencing stress, burnout and lack of support, I took a step back and explored the cause and effects of these all-too-common issues in the legal field. Through therapy, coaching, years of research and even more years of self-exploration, I began to understand the deeper problem. "Mental health concerns prompt 25% of women to leave the legal profession..." 

When I read that ^ stat in a published report,  I committed to doing something about it. I created Legally Blissed®, a platform intended to bring women from the legal field together for support, networking and growth (whatever that means to each of them.) And I launched a podcast as a place for women to share their stories of life in law. The response has been amazing, and has made it clear that this work is needed." -Suzi